Welcome to Pangloss!

This site documents the campaign world of Pangloss and the adventures within it. The world follows fairly typical D&D fantasy conventions.

The best way to find information is to click on the tabs above. The Adventure Log chronicles the exploits of the heroes. The Wiki tab is the table of contents and starting point for all kinds of information. The Characters tab lists the player characters and all the NPCs encountered in the campaign … or at least that is the idea. And finally, the Maps tab has what it sounds like.

Lots of information is not yet filled in, so feel free to edit some pages and fill in the missing details!

Pangloss is a sprawling and mostly untamed continent. Civilizations (and empires) have risen and fallen across Pangloss, leaving behind forgotten ruins and powerful treasure. Settled areas are few and far between, separated by sprawling wilderness ruled by fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes.

There are many strong connections to the Shadowfell and to the Feywild across Pangloss.

The story begins in Dawnstride, at the middle of the Heartlands ...


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