Late Night Negotiations

wherein a counterattack is planned

Thorndyke’s Road Wardens arrive at the Glennich Castle Ford in the evening after nearly two days on the river from Co’amenel. They’re greeted on the dock by guards and mounted cavalry. They’re expected, so with little ceremony they enter the walled hill city and make their way up to Glennich Castle.

Glennich proper is an active city that shows signs of fending off a recent attack. The previous night the forewarned attackers came and did some notable damage to the low city and burned a couple farms, but nothing more. Before our Heroes reach the castle however their faithful companion Bree mysteriously and clumsily slips into the crowds, disappearing. The group is perturbed, but must continue.

They soon find themselves in the great hall of the castle joining a discussion already in process. The head table is covered with maps, letters, and ledgers and is surrounded by Lord Slade Harcourt, his advisors, Lord Hamhill Bronzebottom of Ironvein Freehold, some of his men, and Devros Seaskipper of Wavecrest. The party finds that Lord Bronzebottom is a friend of Duke Thorndyke and is strongly advancing the idea of rescuing Dawnstride and his friend. Lord Harcourt however is far more cautions, fearing that depleting his castles defenses will lead to immediate disaster for Glennich. Harcourt is eventually swayed by the party’s and Bronzebottom’s points and agrees to send his forces into Dawnbreak Forest, but only once he’s been reinforced by the Dwarves.

Even with this agreement in place it will be weeks before forces can be mustered to Dawnbreaks defense and the prospects look grim. At this the Castle Wizard Leyhoven Chandler steps forward and advances a plan he’d earlier suggested. Now that a group of experienced explorers is available, they can be sent into the haunted woods to the south to search ruins there for a fabled teleportation circle that may be linked to the Freehold and even Dawnstride.

Refreshed overnight at the cities Temple of Erathis, the party is joined by Kevhan Stoneheart, Lord Bronzebottom’s Herald, and Saeryljana, one of Lord Harcourt’s foresters. One long wagon ride later finds them at the haunted wood, which they enter after hiding their wagon and horses. With little difficulty the party finds themselves at a secluded grove surrounded by an enchanted wall. Who knows what they will find inside.



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