The Road to Glennich Castle

One stop down, two to go.

Having delivered your message to the Lord Mayor of Hillcrest, you’re called to continue on to Co’amenel to continue with Duke Thorndyke’s messages and to convey some from Lord Mayor Theed. The party sets out along the trail to the elven settlement, pausing to rest in a series of foothills where the trail diverts from the river.

They find a clearing that has recently been used by a party of goblins as an encampment. These Goblins have left 4 of their number behind, dead, killed by a lurking forest creature that shortly ambushes the party. The creature is swiftly dealt with.

Night has now fallen and the party is presented with the options of getting some much needed rest, or pressing ahead immediately to track the departed goblin band. Marco, the party’s goblin captive / chef, is apparently with said goblin band.



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