A Communications Interuption Could Mean Only One Thing: Invasion

The Road to Glennich Castle II

Now nearly two weeks out from Hillcrest, The Fists wake in an recently abandoned camp to find that Marco has snuck back into camp and rejoined them, now armed and armored with the cast-offs from the dead Goblins who previously inhabited this camp.

They resume the trail, now following a sizable group of Goblins over the hill, they find a sleeping Goblin sentry. Questioning him they find that a Hobgoblin war party is camped out below at the foot of the hill. Plans are hastily put together for an ambush and our heroes fall upon the War Band with a vengeance. It’s over in minutes and though Salvatore and Bree are much the worse for wear 7 Hobgoblins, 8 Goblins and a Bugbear lie dead at their feet.

Examining the Camp, The Fists uncover a plan to cut off Dawnstride and hit it from all sides with coordinated attacks, along with a lamenting journal detailing the mishaps that befell this group culminating their weakened state before being wiped out. The New Moon, the next night, signals attacks on Glennich and Co’amenel then Dawnstride’s encirclement on the Waxing Moon. They rush on to Co’amenel, passing an Elvin picket an riding thru the night.

At Co’amenel they find a formerly bustling town reduced to a small village. Outer buildings lie in ruin from fire, raiding and the elements. At the core of the ruin is a placid village straddling the river that comes downstream from Glendale. Parts of the ruins are reclaimed by tended fields, gardens and streams. They also find a populace grateful for their deliverance from what would have been a disastrous attack. The village’s leader, Elder Hall, rewards the Heroes with guidance, gifts, supplies, and a longboat to take them downriver to the imperiled castle. Thru the providence of a retired sorcerer the Party dispatches winged messengers to Dawnstride, Hillcrest, and Castle Glennich to warn of the coming attacks.

Knowing that Lord Harcourt of Glennich Castle may be reluctant to support Duke Thorndyke, the team readies to travel down river to continue their work as Messengers.



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