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  • Heartlands

    h1. The Heartlands The [[Heartlands]] lie at the geographic and tumultuous center of [[Pangloss]]. The region extends from the [[Red Mountains]] in the west to the [[Sulfur Crags]] in the east. In between, the [[Tempah Plains]] and [[Forest …

  • Sulfur Crags

    h1. Sulfur Crags The [[Sulfur Crags]] form a natural boundary between the [[Heartlands]] and the [[Trellindra]] peninsula. The northern end of the crags is watched over by [[Broken Tooth Peak]], the tallest point in the crags.

  • Tempah Plains

    h1. Tempah Plains The Tempah Plains extend from the [[Red Mountains]] to [[Forest Dawnbreak]]. Most of the region is extremely dry, especially during the summer; flash fires are a real hazard during lightning storms. The only areas that receive enough …

  • Settlements

    h1. Settlements p. These are the cities, towns, villages and dwellings you may have encountered in your travels around [[Pangloss]]. h3. [[Dawnstride]] p. A major trade city nestled in the Dawnbreak forest. It has recently lost contact with its …