Song of Saeryljana

Gold piece value



The gods Melora and Sehanine blessed the weapon of the elven ranger Saeryljana as a reward for preserving the sanctity of the Glade of Peace. The glade contains a small spring and marks the junction of two ley lines, and this node is a powerful source of magical energy. In 847 AR the elven priest Selinor and human witch Unita combined the node’s power and the holy power of Sehanine to cast and a mythal protecting Forest Dawnbreak from drow. The mythal removed Tallara’baste and her drow army from space and time, restoring the forest to peace.

For the last 134 years the node powered the peace mythal, and divine calm surrounded the Glade of Peace. In 980 AR goblin cultists strove to break the mythal and use the node’s energy to help Munsheraj’s army conquer first Dawnstride and then all of Forest Dawnbreak. Saeryl and her friends disrupted the cultists’ ritual, however, without spilling blood in the Glade. When Saeryl recovered her long sword she found it was softly glowing with blueish-white elven runes that danced among the whorls of the damascus steel blade. The runes read, “Song of Saeryljana”.

Sehanine appeared before Saeryl when she tested the blade’s balance:

Saeryl, you have acted to protect the wild places, safeguarded the peace of my temple, and preserved harmony between the forest and its residents. For your service, Melora and I bless your sword. This gift is given not only out of thanks but also to prepare you to face the challenges ahead that threaten to overrun Forest Dawnbreak and the Heartlands.


This slender long sword is light yet strong with a damascus (layered steel) blade. Countless small swirls and whorls pattern the straight 3.5’ blade. Twin blood grooves run from the hilt to within 6 inches of the sword point. The steel guard is carefully crafted to resemble leafy vines wrapping around the end of the blade. Below the guard a well-worn handle made from honey locust wood is hand-fitted. The flat steel pommel bears the imprint of honey locust leaves.

At rest and during the day, Song of Saeryljana appears to be a high quality but non-magical sword. Its true nature is revealed in moonlight or when used as the main weapon in a two weapon fighting style. In moonlight elven runes appear among the forged swirl patterns on the blade and glow with a blueish-white light. When wielded by a skilled fighter in a two-weapon style, Song of Saeryljana quietly sings an elven chant of mourning, and the runes burn a bright blue.

Combat bonuses
  • +2 to attack and damage rolls
  • +2d6 damage on critical hit, and make melee basic attack with off-hand weapon.
Magical abilities

The Song of Saeryljana functions as a Harmony Blade and counts as a set piece for Blade Dancer’s Regalia. When the wielder hits an enemy with both this weapon and an off-hand weapon during the same turn, the sword’s singing crescendos and the enemy is left out of rhythm of the blade dance. The enemy suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls vs. the wielder until the end of the wielder’s next turn.

Song of Saeryljana

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