Dramatis personæ


Brother Salvatore Romano

A Human Cleric of Erathis. He comes to Dawnstride on pilgramage to learn from the world and spread the word of Erathis.


Halfling Rogue, the group’s Scout.


The muscle, a Dragonborn Paladin.


Murderous Halfling Warlock


Dragonborn Rogue, his name means “string bean”.


Elvin messenger sent from Hillcrest and perhaps the Steppe Empire beyond to carry news to Duke Thorndike. Waylaid by Goblins, the adventurers freed him and secured his stolen mail. Last seen on the road back to Dawnstride.


Deceased Elvin Sorcerer who joined the group in rescuing the village of Guildermell and clearing out the Necromancer’s Tower. He fell in a Goblin ambush and is buried on the Dawnstride/Hillcrest road.

Gillius “Pach” Thunderhead

Dwarven man at arms who joins the party in their efforts to save Gildermel. Last seen guarding the tower ruins and watching for messengers.



Distant Goblin leader who sent Crag’s warband of Goblins to cut the Dawnstride/Hillcrest road. Apparently was paid for this service.

Dranth Half-Shaven

Imposing human slaver with mohawk and taste for raw meat. Leads band of slavers called Chainmen, who kidnap and sell people around the Tempah Plains into slavery.

Those caught between


Goblin cook, formerly of Crag’s warband, now in the employ of the heroes.

Kimrak Endar

Business leader and a senior forester in the village of Glenwood


Glenwood youth and apprentice forester. Hired as a guide, he helped in defeating the Kobolds menacing the town and blocking the road.


Glenwood town leader and merchant.

Dramatis personæ

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