These are the cities, towns, villages and dwellings you may have encountered in your travels around Pangloss.


A major trade city nestled in the Dawnbreak forest. It has recently lost contact with its surrounding trading partners. Duke Thorndike has dispatched hired adventurers in all directions to seek the source of the problem.

Wavecrest and Freehold

West of Dawnstride on the Red River. Respectively a Halfling market city, and a Dwarven stronghold. Both sources of finished goods.


A city to the East of Dawnstride.


A trade city to the North of Dawnstride on the verge of the Tempah Plains. The Dawnstride/Hillcrest road continues North, eventually to Empire on the Steppes.


Small farming village at the northeastern edge of Forest Dawnbreak. Plagued by Dranth Half-shaven and his slavers. Misguided elders sold party into slavery in place of townsfolk. More sensible leader Barnum later begged party for forgiveness and to solve a problem with undead wolves.


On the Hillcrest Road, a small mill and hunting community who’s foresters turn a trade in furs and woodcraft.


An isolated, insular Elvin village within Forest Dawnbreak. Northwest of Dawnstride, it can be reached only by guide.

Grenich Castle

A keep, west along the Red River.

Notable Locations

Wood of Heartache

The haunted forests and planes of Pangloss, with a ruined keep or two for good measure.

Empire on the Steppes

A great and distant Elvin empire, to the North.

Blackgriffin Kingdom

To the east, the old kingdom.

The Necromancer’s Tower

This ruin, abandoned for generations, stands in the center of the Wood of Heartache. It was once the stronghold of a powerful necromancer who was the bane of the locals and who had a taste for children. Recently the people of [[Guildermel] have been menaced by what would seem to be the tower’s new owners.


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